Don’t settle for standard dentures.

Although Dentures are available under the NHS in our practice, in most cases we are also able to provide Advanced Dentures utilising superior materials and techniques for a much improved fit, function and cosmetics.

Paul Holmes is an accredited provider of the iDenture, an Advanced Denture system which gives Denture wearers a personalised smile together with a much improved fit and function.

There are however limitations to even iDentures and in some cases Paul may suggest using Implants to support these dentures. This provides the best possible eating function and stability for your denture. Dental implants were invented 40 years ago specifically to stabilise loose lower dentures, and much research over the years has proven that patient satisfaction with implant supported dentures is significantly greater than with gum supported dentures.

Where Implants are unsuitable or the patient doesn’t want to have them placed, Paul can utilise a revolutionary method of Denture construction known as ‘the suction denture technique’. This technique was developed by Professor Jiro Abe an eminent Prosthodontist from Japan. In suitable cases it is possible to provide Dentures with levels of suction which is simply not possible with conventional techniques. Paul is one of the few Clinical Dental Technicians in the UK able to offer this treatment.

Paul Holmes CDT will be holding clinics at Alloway Place Dental Care. He will not only see you in surgery but will also be making your dentures in our modern, well equipped on-site laboratory. Please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

For more information, visit the iDenture website here.